The Benefits of Two-Story Homes

Nothing quite says you have made it in life as the time you buy your dream house – the quintessential two story home, with a large sprawling garden, a white picket fence and the sound of happy children playing in the garden.  Right out a picture perfect Condé Nast shoot, a two story home is considered by many to be the best value for your dollar.

Besides the social attraction, and the superior presence that a two story home commands in an area, such as the Harrisonburg real estate market, there are fantastic benefits to owning and living in a two story home. If the actual size of the land is fairly small, home owners do not have to limit themselves to living in a small, bungalow type cottage.

You can build up, which means that the top floor can be just for the bedrooms, keeping the living area completely separate. Having a double story home is wonderful when having nosey guests and meddling family around, as you can actually just shut off the private bedroom areas completely.

A home office and all of the family’s private space can have a completely protected area up stairs, and with the extra space one can build larger bedrooms, as they are not fighting for space next to the kitchen downstairs. A large open plan bedroom, with an open plan bathroom complete with sunken bath and perhaps a view is on every homeowners dream list.

Parents cringe at the thought of receiving impromptu guests who have just stopped over to check out your new Home, when their kids have left a trail of destruction everywhere they have been, with toys and trails of food all through the house. Too exhausted to deal with the carnage that very moment, it can be terribly humiliating when your new neighbors or in-laws stop by for quick, unannounced cup of tea.  However, if the kids have a bedroom and playroom upstairs, all of that mess, chaos, and potential embarrassment goes away immediately as you shut the door and float down the stairs to receive your guests.

When having a party, it is also a good way to separate the big people from the small people.  Special occasions can carry on a bit late and the little ones need to get their rest.  Parents can pop upstairs to tuck their little darlings in to be  and know that they will be able to sleep peacefully without any noise bothering them from downstairs. It would be a different story if the living room was next to their bedroom downstairs.

Two story homes for sale in Harrisonburg are the most popular floor plan. Space, comfort and privacy are just some of the things afforded to those who decide to buy a two story home, or to build on to their existing real estate in Harrisonburg. Families with young children and teenagers will be the perfect residents for a spacious double story home. For those extended families with an older member of the family staying or living with them, buying a new two story home may indeed be the perfect choice to keep the noise and chaos of a young family away from Granny.  But do just remember to make sure that a spare room on the lower level is available for those who may not be able to manage the stairs.