Ranch Homes Offer Convenient One-Floor Living

Homes come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, but in the United States, nothing is more iconic than the ranch style home.  Popularized in the mid 20th century, they become an integral part of the American dream.  More than half a century later, ranch style homes are still one of the most sought after residences in the country.  They can be found throughout the whole of the United States, with towns such as Harrisonburg, Virginia exemplifying this unique style of architecture.

One could argue that there is no better setting for a ranch style house than Harrisonburg.  Set in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, it boasts a small town feel while remaining relatively close to the larger metropolitan areas of both Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia.  The downtown area has been undergoing lots of revitalization recently, and residents are free to enjoy the excellent examples of 19th century architecture that line the main streets. Homes in the area range from historic to new, and there are a number of neighborhoods which specialize in ranch style homes.

The ranch style presents an open, airy living arrangement that makes suburban life spacious and convenient.  Open living and dining areas make entertaining a dream, and are also conducive to quiet family dinners.  Living rooms typically have access to the backyard via a glass sliding door which lets in a lot of light. During the warmer parts of the year, the backyard patio can be utilized as another room in the house.  The living and kitchen areas and bedrooms are usually separated by a hallway so activities can be done on either end without disturbing the other end.  Ranch style homes typically contain one master en-suite bathroom, and at least two other bedrooms and one extra bathroom.  Families will appreciate the privacy that ranch style living provides.  Not only are the spaces inside the home separated, but many ranch homes in the Harrisonburg and Staunton area come with generous portions of land as well.

In the suburbs, cars are a necessity and homes are built with them in mind.  Most newer houses come with two-car garages which include extra room for storage and direct access to the interior of the home.  Harrisonburg homes come complete with all these features and more.  Handsome brick exteriors conceal nicely appointed interiors with fine wood cabinetry, wood and carpet floors and built-in appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and more.

The real estate market in Harrisonburg is also reasonably affordable, given its excellent amenities, great location and small-town charm.  Smaller ranch homes start at about $100,000, while larger homes can be $300,000 and even much more.  Lot sizes in town are generally fairly small, but if you go out in the country a bit, it’s not hard to find an acre or more so you can spread out.  If you are ever in the market for a ranch style home and the lifestyle that accompanies it, try beginning your search in Harrisonburg.  Here, all the advantages of the American small town meet the modern conveniences of metropolitan living.